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JC’s Coffee Concierge Services is a Mobile Coffee & Tea Service that provides beverage catering for everything from staff meetings, seminars, conference and vendor events, to private events and gatherings, tasting parties and creating personal/business coffee bars.

JC’s Coffee Concierge Services has catered to groups as large as 10,000 and as small as 5. We offer a FREE coffee sampling and tasting program and assist many organizations with their Fund Raising Events.

JC’s passionate about working with children and with “less fortunate” individuals and families in the community. As a result of this passion, she performs several, “GIVE BACK” events yearly where participants get to partake of all the coffee, tea and hot chocolate they desire, FREE of charge.


Because we use ONLY Organo products, JCs Coffee Concierge Services can offer some of the healthiest Organic/Gourmet Coffee and Tea Products in the world. These products contain the world’s leading Brand of organically grown Ganoderma Lucidum. Ganoderma Lucidum is regarded as the “Miraculous King of Herbs.” Ganoderma contains many natural compounds including beneficial anti-oxidants, essential minerals and other nutrients to protect your health and wellness.

The producer of Ganoderma for the Organo Coffee is recognized internationally for its patented cultivation and preparation method of the world’s leading brand of Certified Organic Ganoderma.

Lingzhi. Reishi. Linh Chi. Ganoderma or King of Herb…No matter what you call it, no company in the world maximizes the incredible benefits of this revered mushroom, like Organo. Ganoderma is becoming more and more accessible as companies all over the world try and emulate Organo products, but what separates Organo from every company in the world is the unwavering commitment to sourcing only the highest quality Ganoderma. This is the main reason that JC’s Coffee Concierge Services Continues to provide Organo Coffee products to her customers.

JC’s Coffee Concierge Services provides coffee products that are known to have an amazing “Taste of God” but other products are also provided, including tea, hot chocolate and OGX weight loss shakes, and supplements for those individuals that do not prefer to consume coffee or tea but still want the benefits of infused Ganoderma Lucidum.

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